Ayn al-Qudat Mayaneji: his life, works and mystic thoughts
Asad Suleimanov

12th Century Sufi-poet, philosopher, erudite Ayn al-Qudat Mayaneji (1098-1131) has his special stand in Tasawwuf (Sufi) literature. Despite his short life, he managed to leave a spiritual and literary legacy after him. Mayaneji’s thoughts, specific tone in Sufi literature strongly influenced many successors to him, such as Sufi philosophers, writers and poets. Mayaneji’s life, works and thoughts have been thoroughly discussed in the article upon well-grounded sources. The modern freshness of his hailing to perfection and elevated values is also brought into attention in the article.

Keywords: Ayn al-Qudat Mayanaji, tasawwuf, world literature, Sufism