The development of tasavvuf (The way of spiritual honesty)and Valey Shirazy
Rafail Mikail

As a result of the influence of zohd and tagva conception that form the bas is principles of Islam the spreading of sufei teachers in Azerbaijan specially since XII century, created a background for the development of tasavvuf schools and of course this wide-spreaded sufei teachers and tasavvuf schools also influenced on our liteature widely. So tasavvuf poets and their poems became to spread widely. One of the these tasavvuf poets was Valy Shirazy who lived and worked in XV century. Valy Shirazy's poems and quatrains that we got, specially “Gulshani-Raz translation” are considered as our great wealth on a tasavvuf subject.

Keywords: tasavvuf, the schools of tasavvuf, sufi, Vali Shirazı