The allegoric elements in the pre-islamic religious views and folklore
Tarana Rustamova

The first germs of the fable, which was formed much later as a genre, should be looked for in prehistoric times. There are not so many genres, both in Azerbaijani and in world literature, having such an ancient history as fable. The given article touches upon the allegoric elements, which are reflected in the totemistic, animistic, fetishistic religious conception, mythology and folklore of the Azerbaijani people. The author gives detailed information about the animals, birds, used as a totem, leaning upon the patterns of folklore of the Turkic peoples, and, in particular, of the Azerbaijani people, researches the totemistic views which originate from the myths, legends, public performances, public games. Equally with totemism the given article touches upon the fetishistic and animistic images which form an integral part of any religion, researches the awakening of nature, the ability of the animals and birds to think like the people and etc. The proverbs and sayings, the patters which originate allegory have been involved in the study, some ideas at the basis of the examples from them are confirmed. Subsequently the above-mentioned allegoric elements in the course of time passed to written literature became the allegoric subjects used in the creation of many classical authors and influenced the formation of fable as a genre.

Keywords: allegory, totemism, fetishism, animism, folklore, fable