Fatali shah Gajar-poet-ruler
Gulnar Agig

Fatali shah Gajar, the second ruler of the magnifisent Gajars dynasty which was lasted one hundred forty years, enriched the Persian literature with his poetic heritage. The given article touches upon the original features “Divan” of Fatali shah consisting of ghazals (lyrics), gassidas (ode), rubais (quatrain) and masnavi (distiches) and the way of development of poetry in the XIX century. The main subject of this research is a revival of classical poetic traditions and the foundation of poetic party “Enjumeni-khagan” (assembly of ruler) by Fataly shah Gajar, which was one of the most important literary events in the 19-th century.

Keywords: Gajars, literary environment in XIX century, the poetic heritage of Fataly shah Gajar