The devices of accentuating the poetic sense in Kishvary’s Persian “Divan”
Leyla Bayramova

This article is devoted to devices of accentuating the poetic sense, ie. stylistic figures that occurs in the of text Kishvary’s - poet of Azerbaijan who lived in the XV-XVI centuries - Persian "Divan". The purpose of the article is to reveal how he used these figures, and to see his skills as a poet in Persian. The study was carried out on the basis of two manuscript copies of Persian "Divan" by the method of system analysis of the text. It was concluded that there were such stylistic figures as repetitions, rhetorical question, rhetorical exclamation, inversion and others in the "Divan". It can be said that the poet shows his poetic talent in this plan and acts as a master of the word in Persian.

Keywords: Kishvary’s Persian “Divan”, style, repetitions, rhetorical question, rhetorical address, inversion