Music in poetry of Nasimi and poetry of Nasimi in music

If the investigated subject from one side embraces the melodicism of the verses of Nasimi as well as musicality originated in rythm of aruz, from other side it encompasses the poet's deep understanding of music and his reflecting it in his literary activity. Other Arabic, Persian and Turkic-speaking classical poets also mention musical instruments as well as use musical terms in their literary works. However, in Nasimi, mugham terminology along with hurufi symbolism also bears a complete system character and constitutes one of the main features of his poetry. In 14th-15th centuries when Nasimi lead his literary activity, significant changes took place in Oriental mugham, and various peoples formulated their national styles of mugham performance. The word "mughamat" as a term appears for the first time in scientific circulation namely at that period. Poetry of Nasimi also provides valuable information to monitor this important cultural process. Poetry of Nasimi creates a complete picture of his professional knowledge of musical science. At the same time, the analysis of the verses of Nasimi shows that many of these verses are designed for performing with music from the start. There are sources confirming that the verses of Nasimi were performed as a song in the past centuries. Nevertheless, in the second half of the twentieth century, this literary heritage was consistently appiled to the Azerbaijani composers and a variety of musical works were created using the poetry of Nasimi in various musical forms.

Keywords: poetry of Nasimi, rythm of aruz, musical instruments, hurufi symbolism, mugham terminology, musical science, cultural process, Azerbaijani composers, musical forms