View abaut the place of Muslim Magomayev in Azerbaijan cultural life
Lala Atakan

Azerbaijan musical art history is expressed on the press step by step. We follow the press which reflects the resherced person’s time when we are doing reserch on the identity’s creatory. But there are such genius that we talk abaut them not only on their time but also all the period of humans’ life. Muslum Magomayev, whose creation time running into the XX century, and who was wrote history on the area of Azerbaijan musical culture was the much talked composer, protector, and the pedagogue that damaged success from gettting rid of the difficulties. There are not any known person that had not try his pen abaut Muslim’s life and his creation. In the article we give citation abaut the views of Muslim Magomayev’s contemporaries, scientefic analysis of musicologists after his death, and also the citations based on his anniversary which celebrated at the state level. Muslim Magomayev’s life is rich in firsts. We watch his steps on the art way with help of the documents in his archive. In the article we give full interpretation on his innovation, his novelty and importance in Azerbaijan musical culture. May be its easy to make name in a republic, but we know that its not easy to make name in whole Soviets. Muslim Magomayev was faced with all this difficulties, and he progressed to professional composer with the honorary titles from ordinary rural teacher. The operaes that created by Muslim Magomayev is caused how many singers, how many band-masters, how many vocalists successes. In the article also written a wide range of confesses and respects of his followers by the help of the pieces of taken from the magazines.

Keywords: Muslim Magomayev, press, archive, opera, band-master, mugam