The artistic thinking of the writer and the historical problem
Baxtiar Askarov

The object of the given article is artistic thinking of the writer and the historical problem. It is known that in the different epochs there were the different views on history. The distortion of the historical facts, sometimes having place in the piece of literature, became the cause of the dissatisfaction of the historians, in connection with this matter objective and subjective critics sounded. In the given article leaning upon the works such writers as V. Scott, L. Tolstoy, J. Oldridge, Ch. Amirajibi, the poet S. Vurgun the attitude of the writer towards the historical facts is researched. At the same time the author touched the question of the enlightenment of the historical problem and the writer M. Hussein in national literary study from the theoretical point of view first time.

Keywords: historical novel, a writer, artistic thinking, historical problem