Literary and philosophical interpretation of the conception "Rindu-Shayde" in Fuzuli
Gulshan Aliyeva Kengerli

The article deals with the magnificence and fragrance of Fuzuli’s ghazal. We may come to conclusion that Fuzuli is "mad about love" because of the world which he cannot live in, and he sees no choice but to join the divine world. And its way out goes through the love, for lover's regret. Fuzuli's blame means to deny human society. Fuzuli is not only the lover wiping the name of Majnun from the life board with tears, he is also a prince of blameworthy in the regret world. The man who is in more disgrace, he is a real "mad about love" – as Fuzuli!

Keywords: Fuzuli studies, comments, lover, regrettable, jealousy, divine love, artistic and philosophical substance