Didactic and mystical moments in surah “Yusuf” in The Holy Qur`an
Shahla Abdullayeva

Surah “Yusuf” is the 12th sura (chapter) of the Holy Qur`an. This surah was revealed at Mecca and consists of 111 ayats. It has been named “Ahsan alQisas” (“The most beautiful of stories”). Unlike stories of other Prophets, the details of which are scattered throughout the Holy Qur`an, the history of Prophet Joseph was revealed completely in one surah. This paper is dedicated to researching of educative-instructive and mystical moments in surah “Yusuf”, also moral and ethical issues, reflected in it.

Keywords: Qur’an, surah “Yusuf”, sufism, “nafs” (soul), “shafa’at” (asking for forgiveness), repentance, sin