The article “Life related to books” is devoted to the life and creativity of
Rahimaga Imamaliev, a man with a broad outlook, an encyclopedist, a journalist, a
lexicographer and a publisher. R. Imamaliyev worked for many years in the
Azerbaijani Soviet Encyclopedia, having worked his way up from junior scientific
editor to head of the editorial office (1966-1993). Rahimaga Imamaliyev rendered
invaluable assistance in the creation and publication of the one-volume “Azerbaijani
Encyclopedia” (1967) and the ten-volume “Azerbaijani Soviet Encyclopedia” (1967-
87). The preparation of a two-volume “Children’s Encyclopedia” (1988) is also
associated with his name. He is the author of many scientific, historical, literary and
artistic articles, essays, reports, translations in periodicals, radio and televisions,
universal encyclopedias and other publications.Until 1993, he worked as the head of
the editorial office of the press and scientific and literary control. After retiring in
1993, he realized his biggest dream and in 1993 founded the family publishing house
“Boz oguz” for the first time in Absheron. The purpose of the establishment of the
publishing house was to collect manuscripts and publish the works of writers and
poets whose literary heritage had not been studied, whose names had been forgotten
and erased from the pages of history. As a publisher, he considered it his civic duty.
Even though he had to face great difficulties during the years of his activity, he
worked hard in this field until the end of his life. “Encyclopedia Buzovna
Vatannama” (“Motherland”) is valuable as the last work of the publisher. The article
describes the publisher’s activities as a tireless researcher and enlightener, as well as
his good deeds.Books published by him about prominent Baku poets Meshadi Azer
(1996), Hashim bek Saqib (1996), Muhammad Ismail Asi (1997), Alipasha Sabur
(2000), “Encyclopedia Islam” (1997), “Encyclopedia of Wisdom” (1998),
encyclopedic information collection “Polygraphists, publishers and journalists of the
world” (1999 ), “Explanatory Dictionary of Publishing, Printing and Journalistic
Terms” (posthumously 2009) tell about his fruitful work in the “Boz оguz”
Publishing house.

Keywords: Azerbaijan National Encyclopedia, “Boz oguz” publishing house, “Majmaush-shuara” literary assembly