Only a small part of the large-scale activities of the Great Leader Heydar
Aliyev, who declared to the world that he is proud of being an Azerbaijani, is
reported in the presented article. There are noted the activities of the Great Leader
aimed at the national and cultural development of our people, the actions of this
genius personality that will ensure the well-being of the country and its every citizen,
and the development of their individual aesthetic worldview.
Here, the author highlights the steps taken in the direction of enriching the
level of scientific, cultural and religious views, which are considered important
issues of the development of the public consciousness of our people, and evaluates
the manifestations of the real results of the political will and wise recommendations
of the Great Leader Heydar Aliyev in all segments of that activity.
The article specifically mentions that the modernization process of Azerbaijan
in the 21st century is defined by benefiting from the human values that are considered
relevant by the modern world. There is no doubt that the principles of legal statebuilding,
which ensure the protection of human freedom in our country, originate
from the interaction of different nationalities, separate confessions and their nationalmoral
values, and the political-social realities of a multinational, multilingual society.
It is these principles that the Great Leader Heydar Aliyev declares as his political
line, and in this regard, he attaches great importance to intercultural dialogue.
The examples of architecture that the Great Leader called the form of
manifestation of the material and spiritual values of the people, as well as some of
the ancient religious and cultural monuments that were created and restored during
his leadership of the country, become the object of research. It is concluded that the
political and social activities of the Great Leader, his invaluable services in all areas
of our national culture, including architecture, are the reveal of the purpose and
meaning of the life of the nation's national leader, and the guarantor of his eternal

Keywords: Great Leader, culture, architecture, monument, complex, tolerance, intercultural dialogue