The rich shades of Azerbaijani art and culture with ancient roots are considered as one of the main factors embodying the unique beauty of its composition. Of course, among these art examples, carpet weaving is one of the most unique ones. The wider spread of pictorial carpets in carpet making indicates that patterned carpet making, which has a special set of patterns among the samples of Azerbaijan's material culture, creates a new field that combines culture, art, literature, and carpet making. From this point of view, the pictorial carpets of Azerbaijan are specially valued by most experts of our country and the world. Giving a special place to the works of the classics of ancient Eastern literature in the pictorial carpets woven in Azerbaijan gives impetus to the creation of beautiful examples of these two examples of material culture. Thus, the most important branch of carpet weaving, the pictorial carpet weaving, develops, and the world-famous works of Azerbaijani classical literature are once again popularized in carpet weaving. All of these above-mentioned nuances directly demonstrate how important the pictorial carpet is in the art of Azerbaijan. While conducting research on the topic, the main details that were focused on were the history of the origin and formation of the first carpet weaving in Azerbaijan, the historical path that it later travelled, starting from ancient times, attention to the art of carpet weaving in Azerbaijan not only in Azerbaijan but also in other countries of the world, activities of carpet-weaving schools or centers established in different regions of Azerbaijan in the khanates agreement and the influence of these schools on the modern Azerbaijani carpet-weaving art, the synthesis of literature and art in Azerbaijan, the impact of art on carpet-making and the pictorial carpet-making culture formed and formed as a result of these influences etc.

Keywords: culture, art, carpet weaving, pictorial, rich, beauty