The Karabakh conflict and the refugee problem in "Azerbaijan diary" by Thomas Goltz
İlgar Majidli

The article examines the Karabakh conflict and the problem of refugees through the eyes of a foreign journalist. The visit of the American journalist and writer Thomas Goltz, who had been engaged in journalistic activities in Turkey and the post-Soviet countries for fifteen years, in 1991 coincided with a period of political crisis in the country and the Karabakh war. In addition to trips to the front line, the journalist also met with the world-famous politician and statesman Heydar Aliyev, who lives in Nakhchivan at that time. The Karabakh conflict, its most terrible page, the Khojaly tragedy and other historical events are reflected in the book "Azerbaijan Diary". So, under the influence of Christian fanaticism, the Western press of that time distorted the objective truths about the Karabakh conflict to suit the interests of the Armenians. The American journalist, who experienced many difficulties in his journalistic activities after his arrival in Azerbaijan, in his work tried to convince the international community that it was namely the Armenians who attacked Azerbaijan. Goltz has a knack for immersing himself and his readers in the world of politics, intrigue, corruption and war, which not only serves as an interesting lesson in the formation of a modern nation-state, but also makes the reader a witness to interesting events. In article he objectively reflects the history of that difficult period of Azerbaijan as an outside observer. The researcher also highlights the phenomenon of Heydar Aliyev as a savior who brought the country out of the political and economic quagmire, and emphasizes his role as a founding father and leader of the modern Azerbaijani state, characterizing this phenomenon as a factor that not only in the Caucasus and Central Asia, but must be considered with the whole world.

Keywords: Karabakh conflict, refugees and IDPs, Khojaly, oil, genocide, Armenians