Nazim Hikmat is in the labyrinth of the theatre
Afet Gadirova

This article tells about life and creativity of the worldwide famous Turkish poet Nazim Hikmat and researches complicated stages of his way of life. Here in chronological sequence is traced his creative development in various years of the XX century and his first steps in the sphere of dramaturgy as well. The article is noticed the reasons of origin for Nazim Hikmat’s interest to the theatrical art and his first creative attempts in dramaturgy. Special attention attracts the process of transformation, evaluated in scientific-theoretical interpretation of his poetical talent as a research fact into performing arts. Drawing attention dramatic talent of Nazim Hikmat in the initial stage and then on the way to a great dramaturgy as a manifestation of theatrical outlook had been improved.

Being a witness, taking the first steps on the “difficult way” of defining the form and content of Russian theatrical art a playwright Nazim Hikmat in the first decades of the 20th century literally impressed in “theatrical kitchen” with the aim of becoming not a “guest” but a full-fledged resident of the “theatre house”. With a concrete facts the article are noticed personal attitude of Nazim Hikmat with such future legendary theatrical personalities as K.S.Stanislavski, B.Meyerkhold, E.Vakhtangov, A.Tahirov which had influenced on creativity of the playwright. It is interesting to note that while collaborating with Russian theatrical figures, Nazim Hikmat exploring the aesthetic essence of Russian art, he studied it not in the limited form of his traditional theater but at the same time of its objective laws. Despite the fact that Nazim Hikmat didn’t agree with the famous “System” of Stanislavskiy at first, later he confessed the mastery of his realistic acting art and the playwright believes in the necessity of essence of I.Meyerkhold stage training under the name “biomechanics”. As for scientific innovation of the problem raised in this article there was investigated the collaboration of Nazim Hikmat with the director Nikolay Ekke in the theatre “Broom” where he created plays that appropriates to the aesthetics of this theatre and has been studied the dialectics of his creation of the developing creative way of Nazim Hikmat in theatre.

Keywords: dramaturgy, theatre, art, creativity, director