Plot of sorrow in classic heroic epics
Kamala Nuriyeva

Heroic epics are one of the main genres in both Eastern and Western oral folk literature. The main storyline of heroic epics is usually based on the struggle of a hero against internal and external enemies.  The common feature of these epics is to come across mythical images and the struggle against the enemy of extraordinary power. It is natural that death is inevitable where there is struggle, confrontation and war. In such kind of works the life and struggle of a hero are on second place a special attention is paid to the event of the hero’s death. In the article such epics as "Alp Er Tunga", "Beovulf", "Koroglu" and “Song about the Nibelungs “, “Song about Roland" were choosen as the object of research.

The article consists of introduction two parts and conclusion. In the first part entitled “The common plot of sorrow in “Alp Er Tonga” and “Beowulf” it is analyzed the surviving fragments of “Alp Er Tonga” one of the ancient Turkish heroic epics and compared it with the ancient Anglo-Saxon   epic “Beowulf”.

In the second part of the article European heroic epics "Song of the Nibelungs" and "Song of Roland" dating 12-th century is compared with the 16-th century epic "Koroglu", the author identified the similarities and differences of the plot. Although these epics were the products of different periods, the fact that the epic "Koroglu" preserved the classical Turkish-Azerbaijani epic tradition make it possible to draw a parallels. In all three works, the plot of sorrow is mainly expressed in the grief caused by the betrayal of the main hero and around the death of the main heroes.

In the studied epics death of the main and other  heroes, the sorrow  for those who were betrayed and in some cases their desire for revenge are the main common features of common plot of sorrow.  This is typical for both Azerbaijani and European heroic epics.

Keywords: topic of sorrow, the poetic expression of sadness, “Alp Er Tunga”, the book of Dede Korkut, “Beowulf”, the song of the Nibelungs, the song of Roland