Seyid Azim Shirvani`s mukhammases
Naila Mustafayeva

One of the outstanding Azerbaijani poets of the XIX century Seyid Azim Shirvani, is the au­thor of lyrical and satirical poems. Mukhammas-pyatistischiya, verses, every verse of which con­sists of 5 lines play a role in his work. One of the 14 Mukhammas is tahmis which poet is writ­ten on Fuzili`s ghazel. Seyid Azim`s 7 mukhammases are lyrical poems. It feels strong in­flu­en­ce creativity Fizuli. Other 7 mukhammases poet wrote in a satirical theme.
S.­A.­Shirvani ridicules In these verses, reveals the king's officials, corrupt officials, local beks and khans who ruthlessly exploit the poor, the peasants.

Keywords: mukhammas, takhmis, gazel, radif, beyt