Merajnames in “Khamsa” of Nizami Ganjavi
Ruziya Guliyeva

In the classical Eastern literature merajnames as the traditions based on artistic- poetic issue could find in “Khamsa” of Nizami Ganjavi. These samples don’t repat each other, conversaly has original characteristics. Nizami Ganjavi noted, that Prophet Muhammad was the pinnacle of human perfertion. That’s why, he is the pinnacle seample not only between other human (people), but also the previous prophets.

Nizami Ganjavi wrote, that prophet had so strong horse, tilled Bwrag dwring meraj process. Poet noted about this horse  on the basis of its speed and other positive featwres also during meraj.

In article wore iwestigated the problem on the sky forces, moral values and strong issues of Muhammad Prophet, also some typical features of meraj process, told about in Koran. Nizami Ganjavi noted this process on his personal point of view as physical, also moral matters.

In Nizami Ganjavi poems see of the God , information on Godness issues,  mysteries in another world. With angels Jabrail and Mikail-Prophet Muhammad could have a special moral position. It is high matters of the God, Where everything is sacred, because the God is sacred,  world elements is so small here.

Keywords: Azerbaijani literature, epic poem, Nizami Ganjavi, Khamsa, meraj