The role of literary ceremonies held in the Nizami Museum in the preservation of cultural heritage

The article examines and presents information about literary ceremonies and the role of the Azerbaijan National Museum of Literature named after Nizami Ganjavi in preserving these ceremonies and passing them on to future generations.
The introductory part of the article first informs about the emergence of ceremonies, their place in society and people's lives, their importance as a household ceremony in the study of the national mentality of the people at different times, as well as literary ceremonies held today. Extensive information is provided on anniversaries, creative evenings and days of remembrance, conferences, meetings with poets and writers, as well as literary ceremonies.
As an example of the memories of the events held at the Nizami Museum, brief information is given about the event dedicated to the 90th anniversary of Mrs Rafibayli. Here, Nigar Khanum and her example depict an Azerbaijani woman, female poetess with all her noble and noble features. Poems dedicated to Nigar Khanum and the words of prominent literary figures and intellectuals about her are also valuable.
International events, meetings dedicated to foreign writers and other gatherings are also important among the museum's literary ceremonies. As an example, the article mentions the course of the scientific session dedicated to the 85th anniversary of the Australian writer James Aldrich. Representation of this scientific session highlighted the importance of getting acquainted with foreign writers and gaining in-depth knowledge, introducing local literary figures outside the country and forming an international literary environment.
In general, it is clear from the article that the literary ceremonies held by the Azerbaijan Museum of Literature named after Nizami Ganjavi and video and audio recordings of these ceremonies have an incomparable role in the preservation and enrichment of the literary and cultural heritage. The museum always pays special attention to such events and projects in the field of public relations.

Keywords: literary events, living witnesses, cultural heritage, museum, video recordings, sound recordings, memories