Criticism of the 1950s and 1980s in the literary debates of the Writers' Union

The article discusses the most important issues of Azerbaijani literary process existing in Writers' Union during 1960s-80s and the literary concepts influenced by the Writers' Union. Some scientific conclusions have also been drawn about the forms of expression of the XX century's Azerbaijani literary criticism and their influence on the literary process and works. The article emphasizes the need to address the ongoing discussions in Writers' Union in order to study literary and critical thinking, to create a comprehensive and in-depth study of the full scientific picture of our history. The article notes that as a result of the global socio-political atmosphere, which has been softening since the 1960s and the weakening of the ideological currency in the USSR, young talents in the field of art began to create works critical of the existing political system. For example, prominent representatives of the 60s generation such as I. Huseynov, S. Ahmadli, M. Araz, Anar, A. Aylisli, Elchin, S. Rustamkhanli, A. Salahzade, F. Karimzade can be mentioned. Ismayil Shikhli's novel "Deli Kur" reflects the features of this period. Naturally, the artists often described what they meant by subtext in their works. As a result of this type of discussion, new directions, literary trends and various genres began to develop in the works of different writers.

Keywords: newspaper, magazine, article, criticism, discussion