Calil Mammadkuluzadeh’s activity in the social, cultural, agricultural and political life of Karabagh

The article focuses on Jalil Mammadkuluzadeh’s social, cultural, agricultural and political activity in Karabagh.
The writer’s second acquaintance with Karabagh happened in June of 1907, after getting married to Hamida Khanum Javansher. From that time, till his death, the author lived in Kahrizli with short breaks, created interesting pages in the history of this village leaving permanent signs with his work and creative activity.
Since he came to Kahrizli Jalil Mammadkuluzadeh met simple, kind, hard-working people, learned about their lifestyle, problems, needs and did his best to help.
Mirza Jalil and Hamida Khanum started several cultural activities and he assisted Hamida Khanum to realise her dreams. They together opened a school, library, knitting workshop in the village.
In his works, he mentioned that the library was beautiful and tidy. The author who underlined the great role of the libraries to enlighten the nation, stated interesting thoughts in many of his articles, letters, essays and the caricatures published in “Molla Nasuriddin”. To educate well, he advised the children to read Zeynalabdin Maraghayi’s “Voyages of Ibrahim bay”, Mirza Mulkum Khan’s works, M. F. Akhundov’s comedies, Molla Panah Vaqif’s, M. A. Sabir’s poems rather than religious books, use books, journals appropriately and preserve literature.
The writer was active in political sphere as well.

Keywords: Bahman Mirza Qajar, Ahmad bay Javansher, Mirza Alakbar Sabir, Alish bay Javansher, Salman Alibayov, Karbalayi Ali Babayev, Abdulkarim bay Mehmandaraov, Qamar Khanum Aliyeva