Love to the creator and human being in the creative activity of Yunus Emre

One of the outstanding representatives of Turkish Sufi literature Yunus Emre touched on the problem of Love, Truth, existence – non-existence, life-death, the fragility of the world, etc. in his poetry and elucidated Islamic mysticism philosophy very simply and profoundly.
The mysticism, mainly the problem of love and death occupies a special place in the poet’s creative activity. This feature deeply enchants all the lovers of his poetry and his poems have passed from mouth to mouth for centuries. The love for the human being in Yunus Emre’s creativity elevated him in the hearts of the poetry-lovers and made him a lovely poet in the world.
He is our greatest monument, whose poems we can read and understand in Turkish without translation; the artist who is considered a Sufi of Turkish literature and poetry and whose every written and created line is a very valuable treasure of Anatolian Turkish and Turkic peoples.
His word “love” has been developed in perhaps the most meaningful way, and this beautiful word has acquired new meanings beyond known and understood frameworks. In other words, Yunus Emre brought a new meaning to the concept of “love” that dictionary books could not give.
Yunus Emre's poems spread throughout the world without recognizing borders, laws and prohibitions, overcoming all obstacles, helping to maintain love and unity among the Turkic peoples, teaching language unity and connecting them. During his lifetime, he used Turkish in the most beautiful and meaningful way, as if propagating his language.

Keywords: Islam, culture, Yunus Emre, Oghuz Turkish, Yunus’s love for God