ATTEMPTS TO CLEANSE THE NATIVE LANGUAGE IN AZERBAIJANI POETRY (Based on the poetry of M. Mushfig, A. Shaig, O. Sarivalli)

As the Soviet government of Azerbaijan began to strengthen its positions, it took
new steps in literature, as well as in all spheres. Ideological trends continued in
literature and art. These contradictions of the 30s of the last century had a definite
impact on many of our poets who were just beginning their careers. Our poets, such
as A.Shaig, O.Sarivalli and M.Mushfiq avoided contradictions as much as possible,
they tried to reflect national thinking in their works and not to fall under ideological
influence. As a result, they created beautiful examples of poetry in their mother
tongue and were able to preserve the national spirit in these works.
Mushfig has played an invaluable role in the development of modern Azerbaijani
literature, though he worked just for thirteen years. In addition to his literary work,
he was interested in tasks directly related to his people. One of them was the task of
mother tongue. The far-sighted poet has fought against the negative impact of Arabic
on our mother tongue.
A.Shaig, known as a teacher-poet, also occupies a special place in the history of
literary and social thought of the XX century. Initially working as a teacher, the poet
tried to reflect his thoughts in the field of teaching, education and upbringing in the
examples he wrote and created. He always acted as a defender of national and
spiritual values, both in his artistic examples and literary, pedagogical meetings.
Benefiting from the folk style as a poet, O. Sarivalli is distinguished from many
other contemporaries by his creativity and literary vocabulary. He was not indifferent
to the progressive events in the North and in the South of Azerbaijan, he was happy,
he was always saddened by the failures as a real citizen, he was looking for ways to
solve problems.

Keywords: native language, purity of language, alphabet issue, folk poetry