The article deals with poet and member of the Parliament of Azerbaijan
Democratic Republic Haji Karim Sanili's creativity and social-political activity. One
of them was patriotic poet Haji Karim Sanili, who was selfless teacher of his period
and at the same time he is selected as a member of the Parliament from socialist
party and is represented as a deputy of Kazakh region.
Haji Karim Sanili struggles the whole life for the interests of his nation and for its
bright tomorrows.
Though poet Haji Karim Sanili suffered from persecution he never gets up to
struggle for his nation's enlightining and he always defends peasant's interests from
his parlamentary seat. Here we touch the problem of nationalization, freedom of
public opinion, protection of pureness of national language which were the main
topics of poet's works. Besides, the pureness of Sanili's poems, its closeness to folk
artis given here as an incarnation of his patriotism.
As can be seen from the examples given in the poems "To the People of
Azerbaijan", "Our Village", "Fresh Song", the main goal of his work was deep love
for the Motherland, concern for the future of the nation, calling people to awakening
and progress.
In the artice Haji Karim Sanili is presented as a political figure with a
revolutionary spirit as well as a poet with a fragile heart. The struggle of the talanted
poet who was a member of the defense organization, his defense of nation's right
from the Parliamentary seat is given here as a closeness to his nation. Besides, here is
discussed the influence of his innovative ideas to the development of national public
In the article Sanili is not given as a poet he is also showed as a sensitive
intelligent who felt his nation's pain and talked about their probelms from the
political chair. He is appriciated as a herald of progressive ideas who sacrificied his
life for this aim.

Keywords: Sanili, writer, poet, nation, parliament