Evlakh historical and local studies museum historical examples at the exhibition
Aygun Gasimova

As one the cultural institutions, museums are the most valuable treasure
reflecting history on the memories, enriched by overcoming difficulties of time,
transfered by the generations to the generations to the future. Museums are the true
science and education hubs established to learn yesterday‘s real truths of the world to
look tomorrow with open eyes. Historical and cultural monuments, archaelogical and
architectural examples, historical events, numismatic and epigraphic materials are the
values relating to history, past and today’s conviction of the people. We should know
our history and preserve it in order to protect such values and transfer them to the
future generations. Historical and cultural monuments are national wealth of the
Today here are more than 300 museums, Archeology Institute, various
archeological spheres in the Republic of Azerbaijan. We have rich museums
historical monuments having importance of world and country among these
institutions reflecting ancient history, past and morality of the Azerbaijani people.
Museums and historical monuments creates connection between the past with today
not depending on their establishment date, number of wxhibits and richness, that is to
say they are the bridge between our past and today. Our history and spirituality
become stone in the museums, monuments inspire us to lighten our past, to look the
future with confidence and establish attitude of us to our land, homeland, separate
personalities, heroes, and historical events.

Keywords: cultural institution, museum, historical monument, history of people, morality, exhibition, sultanate, sultanate of Arash