Gabdulla Tukay’s work in the mirror of foreign literary criticism
Sabina Aghayeva

The work of the outstanding Tatar poet of the last century, Gabdulla Tukay, is
of great interest. For eight years of his creative career, the poet managed not only to
become the founder of the new Tatar literature, but also to influence the development
of other Turkic-language literatures. G.Tukay's works have been translated into many
languages of the world, and many articles and studies have been written about them.
This article will analyze the works of foreign authors devoted to the work of
G.Tukay. At the same time, attention paid to the difference in the perception of
Richard's work at the beginning of the 20th century, the Soviet period, the post-Soviet

Keywords: poetry, love of freedom, Tatar nation, influence, tradition