Once again about Jalil Mammadguluzade’s date of birth
Nazir Ahmadli

The author of the article published an article on the date of birth of the great
Azerbaijani writer Jalil Mammadguluzade in 2017, referring to the memoirs of the
writer's wife H.Mammadguluzade translated by Professor A.Zamanov and a new
translation of memories by M.Vazir after the publication of the article attracted the
author's attention. The new translation shows Mirza Jalil’s date of birth as 1865-
1866. In A.Zamanov's translation, H.Mammadguluzade writes that based on his
passport he was born in 1869. The author of the article decided to refer to the
H.Mammadguluzade’s original manuscript entitled "Mirza Jalil Mammadguluzade’s
Biography (Molla Nasreddin)" kept in the 6th fund of the Institute of Manuscripts
named after Muhammad Fuzuli. It was found out that H.Mammadguluzade copied
and improved the face of the mentioned manuscript twice. A.Zamanov used the last,
improved version (storage unit number 378) and M.Vazir preferred the initial option.
In addition, the author of the article studied J.Mammadguluzade's
autobiography. In his 1926 autobiography, the author admits that he did not know

exactly when he was born, as he was not issued a birth certificate at the time of his
birth. J.Mammadguluzade's biography shows the year of his birth as 1868-1870.
The author of the article determined that the writer was born in 1868 based on
the chamber descriptions of Nakhchivan city compiled in 1873 and 1886.

Keywords: Mirza Jalil, Nakhchivan, H.Mammadguluzadeh, manuskript, A.Zamanov, A.Sharif, I.Habibbayli, Gori, seminaria