Exposing Soviet Repression in Contemporary Azerbaijani Prose (Based on Mehdi Husayn's, Yusif Samadoglu’s, Elchin’s, Huseyn Ibrahimov’s works)
Kamala Jafarova

Works dedicated to exposing Soviet repression attract more attention in
Contemporary Azerbaijani prose than in poetry. Types, characters, events described
in the prose are more realistic and convincing. In poetry, the poet does not set a goal
to present a particular event, or the life, struggle, and relationship of the image he
portrays with other images to the reader, but the prose reflects human characters,
their interactions, thoughts and psychology of the main characters and there is no
place for the poet's imagination.
There are several novels in Azerbaijani prose dedicated to exposing the
Soviet repression of 1937, the essence of those terrible tragedies, the physical
destruction of the intellectuals by the hurricane of repression, or their condemnation
to exile in Siberia. The article compares and analyzes the essence of Soviet
repressions, the contradictory atmosphere of the time based on Mehdi Husayn's
novels "Underground rivers flow into the sea", Yusif Samedoglu's "Day of Murder",
Elchin's "Death Sentence", Huseyn Ibrahimov's "Slander".

Keywords: modern Azerbaijani prose, repression, Hussein Javid, Stalin, M.J.Bagirov