The theme of South Azerbaijan on the pages of the newspaper "Communist" (1945-1959)
Qabil Aliev

The article presents the works of art and published critical issues, published in
the newspaper "Kommunist" in 1945-1950 on the topic of South Azerbaijan. The
work of our poets and writers was widely reflected in the pages of the newspaper,
which has always kept the theme of the South in the center of attention. The main
theme of these works was the pain of divided people, the difficult conditions that our
compatriots had to face in Southern Azerbaijan, the reactionary policy of the Iranian

regime against them, feelings and emotions when suppressing the ideas of national
liberation. It is known from historical facts that in the forties of the twentieth century,
during the Great Patriotic War, the Soviet government placed military forces in
Southern Azerbaijan in order to strengthen the southern borders. As part of these
troops, a number of prominent Azerbaijani writers were also sent to Tabriz, where
they conducted political fctivity, published newspapers and magazines, and called on
the people to fight for unity and freedom.
At that time, the leadership of the Soviet Union, providing assistance for the
creation of a National Government in Southern Azerbaijan, used this as a means of
pressure on the political regime of Iran. Soviet government did not hide their concern
about the sale of this country's oil to imperialist states Britain and the United States.
The Iranian government, fearing the strengthening of the National Government in
Southern Azerbaijan with their demands for freedom, autonomy, and native
language, asked Stalin to withdraw Soviet soldiers from Southern Azerbaijan and
convinced him that this will benefit both countries. Two reasons influenced this
process. First was the Soviet government was wary of the idea of joining Northern
Azerbaijan after the independence of Southern Azerbaijan, the second reason was
that USSR wanted to preserve the control over transition of Iranian oil.
The national Liberation movement, supported by the Soviet regime headed by
Joseph Vissarionovich Stalin and strengthened under the leadership of Syed Jafar
Pishevari, was suddenly left alone with the reactionary regime of Iran. Thus, by
mutual agreement of the countries, the Soviet troops were withdrawn from Iran and it
was the beginning of the persecution process against the leaders, active members and
supporters of the National Government.
It is spoken in the presented article tragedies of Azerbaijani people in their
struggle for independence. Although the National Government was overthrown in
1946, the theme of national freedom, integrity of Azerbaijan remained topical in
different periods.

Keywords: newspaper “Kommunist”, South Azerbaijan theme, the poetry, Azerbaijan