The challenge against ignorance and illiteracy in the poetry of Mahammad Hadi
Seiran Gaibov

Mohammad Hadi is known as one the most important representatives of
romanticism movement in Azerbaijan literature and there are lots of considerable
approaches following the science, education, and enlightenment in his works like
other philosophers of his periods.
Hadi mentioned that the nation would not get rid of inertia and misery
without education. He also emphasized that ignorance was a terrible case for the
human and whole society and underlined the power of education on the prosperity of

The approaches to science and education were not the same in the society of
Mahammad Hadi’s period, we know from the history of Azerbaijan literature and
pedagogy how enlightened and intellectual people of the time faced problems.
Hadi calmly expressed the insufficiencies of society. Didacticism was the
main part of his method. Hadi did not ignore the values of the society he lived in, but
he portrayed the Azerbaijan reality in all its nudity. Regarding the society’s Muslim
population, Hadi used citations from Islam religion. Mohammad Hadi criticised
religious clergymen who misguided people keeping them far from education and
emphasized Europe’s dominance thanks to the successes in science and industry.
Hadi particularly advocated for women’s education. According to the poet,
women's education is equal to the healing of the nation and the treatment of its soul.
Regarding the importance of education in the nation’s life, Hadi notes that the
establishment of new schools and higher education institutions will save the nation
from ignorance and illiteracy.

Keywords: Mahammad Hadi, poet, ignorance, science, education