Dissident views of Azerbaijani poetry generation of the 60s – from B.Vahabzade to V. Samadoglu
Nazmiyya Agaali kizi Yigitoglu

Generation of the 1960s writers played an important role in the process of enrichment of modern Azerbaijan literature both with ideas of independance national celf-cognition and new opportunities of artistic genre and form. In the article it is discussed the creativity and individual style of Vagif Samadoglu who had entered to the literary arena since 1963 with early poems, but since 1980 with satirical plays. In the research it is also investigated the main problematics in poetry and dramaturgy of the author – the model of the world, society, literary hero, philosophical-aesthetic thought of the life.

Keywords: “sixties”, “dissident”, theater of the absurd, pamphlet, existential image