The idea of the independent and entire countryin the creative activity of literary forces formed in Southern Azerbaijanin the 1940’s
Aysel Maharramova

Thus, the movement that started in the 1940s introduced significant innovations in southern Azerbaijan. Major work has been done in the socio-political sphere, as well as in the field of culture and literature. It was especially during these years that a new generation of poets relying on democratic thought, caressing peoples spirit stimulated the creation and formation of new literary forces. The uplift in the political front played a major role in the creation and formation of the democratic literature, especially of the political lyric.

The author of the article analyzes the Liberation Movement of Southern Azerbaijan in 1941-1946 years, the creative activity and struggle of literary forces formed in that period as a research object. The unity of representatives of both older literary generation and the new literary youth for socio-political struggle, their great activities and literary examples have been brought to notice in the article. The examples of political lyrics of Mojuz, Zakir and Balash Azeroglu found their reflection in the article. Political stages of the time and types of political lyrics have been studied by the researcher attentively. There are citations of previous investigations related with the subject of such scientists as Gafar Kandli, Sabir Ahmadov and Almaz Aligizi cited in the article.


Keywords: The 20th century, Southern Azerbaijan, Tabriz, national movement, Balash Azeroglu, Ibrahim Zakir, the 1940s