English-Azerbaijani literature in Europe
Nargila Behjat

The article is dedicated to the research of the creativity of Azerbaijanis who live in Europe and regularly write literary works in English. Since the topic of the article is related to Azerbaijani Migration Literature, the introduction of the article deals with the emergence, formation and the pecularities of Azerbaijani Migration literature. The article touches upon the works by scholars who conducted the research in Azerbaijani Migration literature. Additionally, mentioning literary works which were written by Azerbaijanis and have never been carried out in former research denotes novelty and actuality of this article. The article covers dynamic analysis of professor Gholam-Reza Sabri Tabrizi’s (born in Tabriz, studied and lived in England) creativity and biography, a photojournalist and photographer Fuad Alakbarov’s (born in Baku, studied and lives in Scotland) poetry in English and CEO of Mergul Law Company, lawyer Rauf Khalilov’s book “The Legend of Sidri”.

Keywords: migration, Azerbaijani migration literature, English Azerbaijani literature, poetry, prose.