Studying creative activityof Nizami Ganjavi in the researchers of Muhammad Amin Rasulzade
Najiba Bagirzade

Nizami Ganjavi is one of the great poets in the whole Eastern world who glorifies great human ideals in his works, informs the reader about the fair society that humanity desires at all times and places, and instills such wonderful feelings as kindness, goodness, diligence, truthfulness, honesty, and humanity. Nizami, who created the most perfect examples of classical oriental poetry, had a great influence on Eastern poetry and created a school, has always been in the center of researchers' attention. Nizami has been studied with the same interest and attention, both in the east and in the west. A thorough study of the life and work of Nizami, who was presented as a representative of Iranian literature for many years, was mostly associated with the 800th anniversary of the poet in the former Soviet Union. On this eve, the founder of the Republic, the national ideologue M.A. Rasulzade, while in exile, studied the works of the genius Azerbaijani poet Nizami Ganjavi whose poetic world aroused interest in the east and the west and for many years was presented to readers as a Persian poet by researchers, created a respectable monograph consisting of an introduction and four chapters. This work written by M.A. Rasulzadeh which differed from the Soviet scholars, studied Nizami heritage by its unique approach to the great poet and proved with convincing facts that Nizami was an Azerbaijani poet, opened a separate page in the study of Nizami and became one of the valuable sources in the study of Nizami's legacy. Along with the opinions of scholars who wrote about the life and work of the great poet, the work written by Mohammad Amin Rasulzadeh has been also studied in the article. 

Keywords: M.A.Rasulzadeh, Nizami Ganjavi, Azerbaijani poet Nizami, studies of Nizami, East, literary critic