Jafar Jabbarli’s epistolary heritage
Aymen Hasanova

The tradition of correspondence in Azerbaijan has gone through a long history and reached its peak in the XX century. In particular, Jafar Jabbarli's correspondence is of great importance in studying the features of that thorny period. In this regard, a more thorough study of his life, personality, works, ideas and thoughts plays an important role in examining that epoch in detail. Socio-political conditions and strengthening position of realism of that time in Azerbaijan were reflected in the epistolary genre of writer’s works. Re-reading the letters of Jafar Jabbarli, you catch yourself thinking that some can still be copied almost exactly today. These letters are historical documents to characterrize the author, his language and modern epoch.

Keywords: Cafar Cabarli, Sona hanum, Azerbaijan, letter, soviet literature