Development paths of Azerbaijani lyric poetry (Based on Absheron literary environment in the XIX century)
Aytaj Zeynalova

The article deals with the socio-political and cultural events in Absheron in the XIX century. Review of the literary and regional features of this period is especially important for the profound study of Azerbaijani literature. These objective reasons also include the factor of carrying the capital culture of this area throughout the history. The article presents the activities of mosques and schools, which played a special role in formation of the literary environment. The organization of schools, publishing houses, press and other issues in different parts of Absheron are also of interest. The role of literary majlis and literary organizations in the formation of a new literary environment is also undeniable. The tradition of literary majlis is replaced by the desire to create the first regulated organizations in the early XX century. In spite of the lack of information on the ranges of the organization's activities, the author states that a society of poets "Voice of Turk" was created in the last period of activity of a literary society "Majmaush-Shuara". Lyric poetry created in the literary environment of Absheron was mostly based on religious thoughts and classical traditions. The rise of realism and educational colors made poetry to be more colorful in the mid of century. The close connection of the written literature with the oral poetry is one of the main reasons of the development of Absheron literary environment. Some poetry forms such as, meyhana, minajat, magtal,marsiyya, tilavat could be mentioned as one of the best examples to it. Knowing music and rythms has a great impact on the quality of lyrical poetry. Especially, one can mention a fast development, intensity and massive impact of meyhana, the city folklore. Strengthening religious knowledge did not prevent the educational development of society but it helped to prosper.

Keywords: Absheron, literary, lyrics, cultural, genre, mosques, schools, meyhana, press