The role of Jafar Ramzi in the research and analysis of Yagma Jandaqi’s poetry
Gunel Safarova

In this article Yagma Jandagi’s poetry, the outstanding representative of the Persian literature of the XIX century , has been studied by Jafar Ramzi Ismayilzadeh. The objects of the research are the articles written by Jafar Ramzi about Yagma Jandagi "The Problems of Studying the Life and Creation of Yagma Jandagi", "The Craft of Yagma Jandagi’s Poetry"," Craftsmanship issues in the creation of Yagma Jandagi", a candidate's thesis on the theme "Poetry of Yagma Jandagi" and the monograph of this dissertation published in 1976 by the decision of the Editorial and Publishing Council of the Academy of Sciences of the Azerbaijan SSR. The article states the views expressed by Jafar Ramzi in the monograph about the letters, ghazals, poems, manzumas, terjibends, terkibbends, gitas, tovbenames and rubais, which are included in every section of Yagma Jandagi’s divan composed of 11chapters. In the article the fourth chapter of Jafar Ramzi's monograph titled "Craftsmanship Characteristics in Yagma Jandagi’s work" has been widely analyzed. One of the important issues touched upon in the article is Jafar Ramzi's conclusion about benefits of Yagma Jandagi from Azerbaijani folklore and classical literature. Jafar Ramzi justifies his idea by taking an example from Yagma Jandagi’s ghazals, he also emphasizes that the poets of Azerbaijan have benefited from the creation of Yagma Jandagi and compares the poems of Yagma Jandagi and S.A.Shirvani. The article states that Jafar Ramzi was able to systematically investigate Yagma Jandagi's works and justified the findings based on the facts. Nowadays Jafar Ramzi’s research work about Yagma Jandagi keeps its scientific and philological value and plays an important role in the study and development of the IranianAzerbaijani relations and the formation of the knowledge of future generations.

Keywords: poet, poetry, classic, archive, literature, article, satire, researcher