The repression in modern Azerbaijani literature as the largest event of the socio-political process
Jafarova Kamala

The article is about the tragedies of Soviet repression in contemporary Azerbaijani literature, criticism and literary criticism, memoir-type and publicist works, the scientific and artistic works written on this subject and the tragedies of Soviet repression systematically subjected to systematic research. The article describes how to lose three generations of the most intelligent people of our nation and thousands of innocent people, the most progressive intellectuals of Azerbaijan – prominent scholars, talented poets and writers, statesmen and militians because of this repression, which is equivalent to the genocide. It is presented the essence of the repression, its reasons and specifically, the great moral blow of the repressions striking to the world of art and science in the 20-50 years of the last century. The article deals with the works written about the repression in contemporary Azerbaijani poetry, prose and drama.

Keywords: modern Azerbaijani literature, epoch of socialism realism, repression, socio-political processes