The aim of medical treatment through belletristic literature
Rahila Sadigova

The aim of the author is to give information about works devoted to intimate relations between men and women from the medical point of view which was formed in the ancient oriental world. The history of books written on this theme goes back to ancient times. The scientists and thinkers, who always gave great value to the meaning of the word addressed it not only as a literary element but also as a means of treatment. They used the word for the solution of the most important problems for human and achieved successes in the treatment of disease such as a weakness of lust by the means of belletristic literature. “Alfiyya and Shalfiyya”, one of the attractive literary works which was written in the XI century in Iran, is of great value among them.

Keywords: “Alfiyya and Shalfiyya”, fairy-tale, science of passion, Katib Chalabi, Togan shah, Abu Bakr Zaynuddin Azraki