Abbasgulu aga Bakikhanov’s work “Riyazul-guds” as a continuation of magtal traditions in classic literature
Kamala Nuriyeva

In spite of the fact that sources of magtal literature, historical and literary works dedicated to famous martyrs of Islamic religion, were derived from Arabic literature, written monuments of Azerbaijan and Persia were much more famous and laid foundation to distinctive style and literary course. Research of this traditional style of Azerbaijani literature from independent point of view is quite topical at present time. As the object of the research of the article was chosen “Riyazul-guds” by Abbasgulu aga Bakikhanov, one of the examples of magtal literature. The article consists of an introduction, 3 parts and a conclusion. In the part under the title “Characteristics of magtal style’s form and content, examples of magtal literature of Middle Ages” was given the information about history of foundation, the pecularities of the form and content and the works of magtal style of different period. It is mentioned in the article the famous work of Azerbaijan literature “Hadigatus-sueda” by Fuzuli under the headline “Some peculiarities of the work “Hadigatus-sueda” as the predecessor of the work “Riyazul-guds”. In the part entitled “Topic, structure and content” of ‘Riyazul-guds” the work was the object of research in the context of sorrow literature for the first time. It was proved in the article the idea that the work “Riyazul-guds” is an example of magtal literature of classical period according to its structure topic and content. In spite of two centures had passed since its writing, the work has not been the object of research and has not published without transphonoliteration. In the process of research it was used single known manuscript (D-140) kept in the Institute of Manuscripts. It is important to study and publish the work that has come to the modern times as a manuscript in order to propagate Bakikhanov’s heritage for the contemporaries and to pass it to the future generations in a complete form.

Keywords: grief literature, religious lyrics, maktal, elegy, Karbala, A.Bakikhanov