Humanistic ideas, aesthetic, scientific and philosophical views in a poem “Mehr and Mushtari” written by Assar Tabrizi
Ruziya Gulieva

Assar Tabrizi, as one the successors of the literary school of great Nizami Ganjavi, in his poem “Mehr and Mushtari” told about the moral values as the commendation of the God, The Prophet, his Meraj, as well as the basis of Arsh and views about the divine love. Poet described the God as the creative force of formation of the world system, the speed of stars and the gravitational force between them. He noted that without the command of the God, different celestial bodies could not move in the world. Also he referred to the God as the “Creator”. For that reason Assar Tabrizi mentioned that the divine love is the most sacred power. He emphasized that the question of human immortality based on this sacred love process. The article gives information about the reasons of writing this poem “Mehr and Mushtari” as in other classic masnavis. He called the scientists and academic science as the “Vitality water”.

Keywords: Azerbaijani literature, epic poem, masnavi, Assar Tabrizi, Mehr and Mushtary, traditional titles, poetic edges