The usage of patterns of poetry in the medieval scientific discourses – the shavahid
Heybat Heybatov

The article states the study of patterns of poetry, which were used in the scientific discoursesby medieval Arabic philologists. The usage of poetry as an illustrative material and proof was widely spread phenomenon in various fields of science. The article deals with the rules and meanings of poems and poetry samples, as well as the parameters of proofs using to clarify the meanings and their variety, in other words the research and study of the concept of shavahid. It should be noted that the main role in the formation of the concept of shavahid as a philological term belongs to the grammarians. Since the Arabic language was an equipped tool for the development of all types of medieval science, books on grammar (nahv and sarf), which were originally part of the philological sciences, were written more frequently. The main source of all books devoted to this area are shavahids of ancient Arabic poetry. Shavahids, which were later applied to other areas of the Koranic sciences, actually become one of the main tools in the formation and development of medieval science.

Keywords: shāhid, al-bayt al-mustashhad, istishhād, iḥtijāj, ḥujja, ğarīb, mukhaḍram