Masnevi of “Sarcazm to Majnun” by Fatali shah Kajar in the context of poetical traditions of “Leyli and Majnun” by Nizami Ganjevi
Aqiq Gulnar Zohrab

Love poetry in lyrical form along with ghazals was developed in Oriental persian-speaking poetry. The creativity of Nizami Ganjavi, famous Azerbaijani poet of the XII century, considered to be the peak of romantic poetry. Poetry of Nizami based on ancient sources are rare examples of Oriental poetry which influenced the poets of future generations. The poets mentioned in the article and the examples of their poetry reflected the process of masnavi development as lyric-epic style. One of the poets who created lyrical poetry under the influence of Nizami school was Fatali Shah Kajar, the second ruler from Kajar dynasty. In spite of his poem in mesnevi style was of small size, but the content, meaning and poetical features of the poem were the same as in perfect literary work.

Keywords: Nizami Ganjavi, Leyli and Mejnun, Fatali shah Qajar, poetical traditions, mesnewi