Suicide as eternal and lıterary problem
Sevil Mammadaliyeva

On the basis of literary samples, the case of suicide was highlighted in the article through psychological, sociological, religious, and philosophical aspects.It was noted that suicide appears in the psychiatric literature as a mental illness; by sociologists, as a manifestation of social and economic problems; in fiction and philosophical literature, however, as a result of psychic human turmoil. Nevertheless, in the article, this case, unfolding in human life was basically assessed as a psychological state. It was noted that the decision about the suicide of the characters described in fiction literature, and the execution of this decision does not occur suddenly, the event description makes it clear that suicide is inevitable.This insight appears on the background of mental changes of character. Along with this, it is concluded that suicide, regardless of social, political, religious and other factors, it would be more correct to consider a psychological and philosophical decision.

Keywords: suicide, mental illness, psychological trauma, psychological state