Genre Polyphony in British Postmodern Novel (Based on the works of A. Byatt and L. Norfolk)
Yegana Abdullayeva

Genre polyphony is one of the main problems of literary criticism of the twentieth century. It is known that the novel is the only genre that is prone to change in form, with which the appearance of such varieties as the novel-myth, the novel fairy-tale, the novel story, the parable novel is connected. In recent years, in Western literature, in particular, in British literature, there has been a change in the form of the novel. These include the novels of J. Barnes, A. Byatt and L. Norfolk. The article based on the novels of these writers brings clarity to the genre polyphony of the postmodern novel, analyzes the most famous myths of British literature – “History of the World in 10½ Chapters”, “Ragnarok. The End of the Gods”, “In the Shape of a Boar,”and comments are given, covering the range of problems of this article.

Keywords: British postmodern novel, A.Bayett, L.Norfolk, genre polyphony