Epic creativity and common aspects of the national epic tradition (based on the epics of Shirvan)
Tariel Gani

The epos is a form characterized for revealing the essence of the national epic tradition. One of the important indicators of this is the analysis of the folklore environment of Shirvan.This enables the public to explain historical and cultural ideas, lifestyles, and creative thinking in such sagas as as “Gahraman Shah Shirvan”, “Adigezal and Aslan Shah”, “Prince Gasym”, “Sadi and Peri”, “Arrival Koroglu to Shirvan” etc. Studying at the local level of the Ashug environment of Shirvan also increases interest in other environments. All this requires that the work of the epic in Shirvan be studied fundamentally and in a wider context.

Keywords: folklore environment of Shirvan, researching of the saga, the tradition of the epos, the ashug repertoire, the structure of the saga