Artistic expression of the music elements in "Khamsa" of Nizami Ganjavi
Dilbar Huseynova

Valuable and important information about Azerbaijani music was studied on the basis of rock carvings of Gobustan (XII-VI millennium BC) and Gamigaya (III-I millennium BC). In the epic "The book of DedeKorkut" and also in the works of Nizami, Khagani, Fizuli are given information about musical culture, instruments of the Middle Ages. The writings of N. Ganjavi, which occupies the highest position in the Azerbaijani literature, represents the universal, socio-political, public and moral-artistic ideals. “Khamsa” by N.Ganjavi, filled with elements of music, is an indispensable historical source, reflecting the musical culture of Azerbaijan.

Keywords: Nizami Ganjavi, Hamsa, musical instruments, mugham