The features of the topics of dubeyties by Fayiz Dashtistani
Khuraman Hasanova

Dubeyti, is a type of lyrical poems of four lines and eleven syllables, widespread in oral and written poetry of Iranian peoples. Appearing first in a verbal form and acquiring glory, this genre moved into written literature from around the 10th century. In written poetry, the names of the most famous founders of dubeyti Baba Tahir Uryanai and his follower Fayiz Dashtistani are pronounced with a great respect and love. Nearly 400 dubeyti are the basis for poetic heritage of Fayiz Dashtistani. The article takes a look at the form and content of dubeyti, created by the poet in the tradition of oral poetry in plain folk language.

Keywords: Fayiz Dashtistani, dubeyti, Persian lyrical poem of four verse lines, tarane, sharve