Jalil Mammedguluzadeh and Garabagh literary atmosphere
Vasif Guliev

Despite the numereous articles and other research works on the life and literary activity of the famous Azerbaijani writer, dramatist and publicist Jalil Mammedguluzadeh, the period of his life in Garabagh has not been studied very well yet. The writer first came to this part of Azerbaijan in 1887 and later lived there with some intervals from 1907 till the end of his life. He made great contribution to building a unique literary atmosphere and its further development in Garabagh. J.Mammedguluzadeh wrote his several works including his masterpieces “The Dead”, “My mother’s book”, “Kamancha” there, these plays were staged in the city theatre of Shusha and there were some critical discussions of these works among local intellectuals. It should also be emphasized that J.Mammedguluzadeh wrote there his famous story “The Thief Cow”, his play “Gamar’s Wedding Party” as well as his articles and satirical essays on Garabagh and its residents. The paper also covers the issues related to the origin of his love to Garabagh, the ways how he got acquainted with interesting people of this land, and also to his friendly relations and cooperation with local intellectuals.

Keywords: Jalil Mammedguluzadeh, Garabagh, Garabagh literary atmosphere, plays