Inter-textual relation in the work entitled “A father and a son” by Abdurrahim bay Haqverdiyev
Seiran Gaibov

The inter – textual connection is briefly considered to be “an exchange” between works in the literature. Based on the notion that any written work has somehow relation with the written works published before, we, based on that, tried to correlate the work “A father and a son” written by Haqverdiyev with other texts written before. As a result, we discovered that this notion is correct and the same was applied in the work, and the author related the work according to religious, literary, folklore samples, the age of the characters, characteristics, fate, together with the content of the work and the plot. Inter-textual analysis of this work proved that this work, which is considered one of the major works of the Azerbaijani child literature, the work of “A father and a son” is one of the successful works in the prose in regard of relation to other texts.

Keywords: The work of “A father, and a son”; child literature; story, intertextual connection